Canadian Artists' Pension Program

An ongoing postcard series that quotes from speculative and concrete conversations with artists about what an artists' pension program could/should look like (or not). Postcards are oversized to wrangle with a big topic. "Pension Program" hearkens back to activist-affectionate histories of mail art in Canada, as well as to London, Ontario as the originating home of Canadian Artists' Representation (now CARFAC)

Conversations with artist Kim Ondaatje were the impetus for this project. The first postcard in the series depicts Kim at her Blueroof Farm, and the reverse side reproduces some of her research into artists' pensions.

Postcard image: Kim Ondaatje at Blueroof, photo by Ruth Skinner(2017).
Featuring a quote from Ondaatje on the necessity of an artists' pension program, and of public support for artists.

Postcard showing an image of a work apron by Parker Branch

Postcard image: Patches on a found work apron, by Parker Branch (2020).
The repeated movement of manual labour marks the surface of a fabric and gives a concrete form to time spent and work done.

$10 for 6 postcards (3 each of Kim Ondaatje and Parker Branch)
Free standard shipping for one order

Note: postcards are oversized at 6" x 8";
can be sent with 1 domestic stamp (in Canada).

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